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Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of your supply business, whatever your stage of growth - from start-ups looking to enter the market, established mid-market independents looking to scale and grow, all the way through to enterprise scale suppliers and the big-6.


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Designed expressly for those looking to enter the energy market, Ignition is our end-to-end market entry solution for new entrants. From a pre-accredited licensed supply company through to market messaging, billing, CRM and a managed service, Ignition has everything you need to hit the ground running from day 1.



Our managed service team provide all the necessary support to ensure that you enter and exit CME effectively and efficiently, handling the production of weekly reports as well as host and manage the CME exit audit. Our team have a 100% CME exit success rate.


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Scale & grow

Our cloud based technology gives you the flexibility to scale and grow your organisation with a lower cost-to-serve, whilst engaging and empowering your customers through a fully digital experience.

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Take back control of your customers through real-time visibility of industry events and customer interactions, powered from one single data source. Spend less time collating information and more time engaging with your customers.

Enterprise grade solutions with the agility of SaaS



Our solution is built on a lean, modern tech-stack that enables a lower cost-to-serve vs. traditional on-premise/bespoke solutions.

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Free yourself from lengthy and costly change management and benefit from our SaaS delivery model - regular improvements and enhancements to our platform are delivered continuously and free of charge, from faster switching through to billing code changes.

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Our flagship B2C configuration designed for residential suppliers. Fully integrated, and covering the complete customer lifecycle.


Fully digital SME platform with intuitive self-serve portals for customers and their TPIs.


Robust, flexible and configurable I&C platform to support complex customers, bespoke products, and ancillary services.

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