Revenue Assurance

Unique in the industry. Meter-level reconciliation of settled and billed volumes to identify revenue leakage

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Purchase vs Sales

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Costs in real-time

Through the daily reconciliation of meter level volumes for all meters on supply, ENSEK’s Revenue Assurance solutions are capable of generating a real-time view of imbalance and unbilled to assess risk and opportunity in the portfolio

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Customer level revenues

By replicating the settlements process, the finance solution creates a customer level view of revenue built on register-level pricing of sales volumes, which can then be used to derive variable revenues along with calculation of fixed charges per meter.



Analysis of actual meter readings that have been used to create a bill and in industry settlement processes requiring corrective action

Product Features



Identification and recovery of over charged energy and variable network costs



Unbilled accounts identified and prioritised to target greatest financial value



Increased accuracy of sales volume and revenue recognised improving robustness of reported profit


Risk reduction

Consequent reduction in unsupportable unbilled value reducing balance sheet risk



Enables more accurate demand forecasting through improved accuracy of industry consumption estimates leading to reduced balancing charges



Customer level view of billed volume and value enables detailed evaluation of billing trends and patterns

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