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Unique in the industry - customer level cost and margin reporting to facilitate performance reporting and optimisation

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Gross Margin Reporting

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Customer level GM

Our unique replication of the settlement process also means that the system can produce meter level cost calculations for wholesale, imbalance, network and invoice validation, enabling gross margin assessment of each customer to facilitate pricing/ tariff optimisation



Calculated from settled volumes per meter and priced using customer contract data from billing, reconciled to billed values per customer.

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Meter level calculation of direct costs including wholesale, transmission, distribution and gas transportation

Product Features



Consumption month based reporting with temporal versioning to understand month-on-month reported positions


Full granularity

Visibility of gross margin results for individual customers, the complete portfolio and everything in between allows flexibility of reporting and value analysis


Line by line

Capability to report and analyse individual revenue and cost lines


Top down & bottom-up

‘Top down’ revenue calculation run in parallel to customer level calculations to enable comparison to and evaluation of traditional accounting methodology


Gap analysis

Analysis of billing completeness relative to settled volumes and valuation of gap



Analysis of average pence per unit (PPU) for any user-defined cohort of the portfolio

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