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Bill customers of any size, from domestic dual-fuel to complex I&C group sites and bespoke flex products.

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Charge, Bill & Collect

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No more batch processing

Event driven and utilising the power of cloud technology, the billing engine calculates charges based on the latest available information as and when it is received, meaning no more batch processing ahead of a major bill run – from single-site fixed billing through to bespoke flex & pass-through products


Make a statement

All our statements are Ofgem compliant across all energy products, from fixed NHH through to HH Flex & Pass-through. For complex group hierarchies, ENSEK’s billing engine supports 1 to M parent to child relationships, and the ability to consolidate multiple MPANs and sites up to a single invoice with a bespoke bill format. Exceptions at site level do not impact the production of the overall group bill. Defined billing windows trigger automated prompts to the customer for meter reads (where applicable), with in-built read validation and exception tasks to manage out of tolerance customer reads. On production of the statement, a secure message is sent to the customer notifying them of the bill being available on their self-serve portal.

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Get paid

There are multiple pre-existing integrated payment solutions available through our partners, covering Direct Debit and Variable Direct Debit, as well as the capability to record and manage other non-standard payments such as BACS, Cheque, PayPal, and card. Our Direct Debit adequacy solution facilitates regular assessment of the Customer’s monthly Direct Debit payment against the view of customer and industry meter readings. Recommended increases/reductions in monthly payment values are scheduled as tasks allowing automated communication of low increases through fulfilment channels and outbound customer service contact on higher increases.

Product Features


100% compliant

Ofgem compliant statements for all energy products


B2C to I&C

Flex, pass-through and group bills are supported as standard



Automated and proactive communication journeys built around the billing cycle


Live balance

A real-time view of billing based on the latest available data.



RESTful APIs available to handle bespoke line-item charges



Automated validation on value or volume to flag exceptional bills to service agents before they reach the customer

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