Our core platform Libra provides unique energy data reconciliation, which is highly optimised and scalable with a set of responsive User Interface’s to deliver great tools to our clients.


Central to Libra is the reconstruction of energy settlements to derive a view of all meters on supply and all associated settlement attributes (e.g. profile class) through tracking of transactions on industry data flows which forms the basis of a volume calculation at a register and meter level by replicating the industry calculation of settlement volumes. This large data processing exercise is crucial to establishing a view of costs at a meter level and demystifying the unintelligible mass of data that suppliers receive from the industry to inform them of their direct energy costs.


Leveraging this low level data processing and enhanced data management we’re able to deliver a complete suite of software tools for our clients, with Libra acting as the master data source and responsible for the integrity of data, so often the primary driver of internal energy supplier inefficiency and customer dissatisfaction.

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Provides the ability for customers to apply for terms with you as a supplier, compliant tariff display and implementation of agreed tariff structures and rules in order to support this process.


Market Interface & Registrations

Management of confirmation, rejection, objection, withdrawal and other industry facing processes relating to gains of supply points and interaction with the DTS in order to send and receive relevant data flows.

Proactive monitoring of data completeness and accuracy throughout the gains process in order to minimise downstream exceptions.

Proactive identification and application of data quality fixes where it is possible to derive the correct information via other sources.


Metering Agent Management

Proactive flow based monitoring of all aspects of the services delivered by the appointed metering agents to ensure they align with the meter read strategy, billing cycle of the supplier and the contractual obligations defined in the service agreement. Includes oversight of all requests raised by job type and by agent, tracking jobs from initial request to completion, performance reporting on repeat failures, unnecessary activity and sub-optimal processes and walk order alignment.


Billing & CRM

Our customer management software is uniquely built on a series of interactions that span the key customer journeys, those that prompt a customer to contact their energy supplier – changing supply, moving house, providing a meter read, paying a bill, general enquiries. It is tightly integrated with our industry flow management capability with no data delays.

Underpinned by real time data processing and micro services our Billing software generates charges in real time at the time of a read avoiding large volume billing runs and allowing rapid turnaround of new bills.


Exception Management

Registration, settlement and billing exceptions identified, prioritised, allocated and tracked through advanced workflow and root cause indicators as a pre-emptive measure. Delivering a step change in productivity our exception management tools are configurable and provide the ability to monitor exceptions through to resolution, whilst providing clear interfaces between industry and customer activity.


Demand Forecasting

Utilising our real time view of the Supplier’s portfolio which factors in pending losses and gains, the Demand Forecasting module produces an output suitable for direct interface to a Trading Counterparty.



Industry leading financial reporting and forecasting underpinned by meter level insight delivering accurate and transparent reporting through effective audit controls.

  • customer level revenue recognition removing the volatility and risk that exists in traditional energy accounting methods
  • cost calculations to determine wholesale, network and transmission liabilities at a customer level
  • customer level gross margin reporting to assess profitability and value erosion and enabling sophisticated segmentation of the customer base by any attribute i.e. Residential vs. SME, GSP, Tariff performance

Direct Debit Management

ENSEK’s proven Direct Debit adequacy solution is incorporated within the ENSEK technology stack, facilitating real time assessment of customer’s monthly Direct Debit payment against the consolidated view of customer and industry meter readings. Identification of over and under payments are categorised as standard based on risk and value. Recommended increases/reductions in month payment values are scheduled as tasks allowing automated communication of low increases through fulfilment channels and outbound customer service contact on higher increases.

The Direct Debit adequacy calculations allow management of customer payment values in line with the below principles:

  • Proactive management of customer accounts in order to ensure that payment plans are appropriate to cover their consumption.
  • Ensuring that payment plans also cover the clearance of debt balances in line with the agreed policy.

Revenue Assurance

Provides electricity and gas suppliers with the ability to identify any discrepancies between billing and settlements at a customer level, manage risk and identify portfolio opportunities including:

  • identification and prioritisation of unbilled accounts that require operational intervention, therefore reducing financial risk / unsupportable revenue and improving cash flow
  • detailed analysis of volume and value imbalances at a customer level which can be aggregated by multiple industry and supplier billing attributes
  • efficient root cause analysis and targeting of accounts with the greatest imbalance for recovery of over charged energy and variable network costs