Raising the bar?

Ofgem have recently indicated – and not for the first time – that they will be looking to review the market entry process for new suppliers. This week we’re taking a closer look at some of the tighter controls that might be introduced, and what that will mean for those looking to enter the market. …read the full article


  With another momentous year behind us, and as we head into the first full week of 2018, it’s a great time to reflect on the successes we’ve seen over the last year, and to look ahead to what 2018 has in store.   2016 saw us launch Ignition, our leading market entry solution, and …read the full article

Press Release: ENSEK selects Equifax to provide ID and credit assessment services

17th July 2017 Equifax selected by ENSEK to provide ID and credit assessment services Equifax Limited, the consumer and business insights expert, and ENSEK, a leading UK energy solutions company, have formed a joint partnership to support identity verification and credit assessment services for new-to-market energy suppliers. The integration between Equifax and ENSEK will supply real-time …read the full article

Renewable Revolution

Last month, Britain went without coal based power for the first time since the 1880s. This week, solar power has reached an all-time high with 8.7GW being generated on Friday, equivalent to 24.3% of total generation across the board. With the Financial Times citing the beginning of a ‘Big Green Bang’, this week we’re taking …read the full article

Innovate don’t emulate

In a recent article published by EY, suppliers are being urged to engage with customers or face becoming obsolete. We’ve discussed engagement at length in several of our own blog posts to date, but EY puts the spotlight specifically on technology. This week, we’re taking a closer look at what’s behind EY’s risk note, and …read the full article

All time high

Despite the collapse of an independent supplier and a CMA report citing a distinct lack of competition , the energy market is as buoyant as ever, with 7.7 million consumers switching supplier last year – a 28% increase on 2015, and the highest its been in 6 consecutive years.   In terms of media coverage, last year …read the full article

Retail energy: last chance saloon?

At an industry conference this week, Ofgem said that the retail energy market was at risk of “becoming a thing of the past”. A pretty serious assertion from the regulator – so what’s behind it? This week we take a look at why Ofgem has concerns about the industry, and what can be done to …read the full article

An exciting year ahead!

  With 2016 behind us, it’s a great time to reflect on what a year it’s been, and to look ahead at what 2017 has in store…   2016 saw us officially launch Ignition, the most comprehensive market entry solution available. Ignition has taken our leading financial and operational capabilities and made it readily available to those looking …read the full article

Reading Between the Lines

  Back in April of this year, with wholesale prices at historic lows, the media, consumer groups, and industry parties were all calling for “Big 6” suppliers to pass on the “double digit savings” to their customers.  With winter looming and prices on the rise again,  the Big 6 are back in the spotlight, but this time …read the full article

How to Disrupt the Energy Market

  With close to 50 suppliers in the market today, and more due to go live in the coming months, competition is at an all time high. But despite this increase in choice the vast majority of consumers remain disengaged. The question is – what will it take to truly disrupt the UK energy industry? …read the full article

Rising Prices: Trick or Treat?

With Halloween upon us, this week we take another look at the spectre of rising wholesale energy costs and how this could change the landscape of competition and consumer engagement. In our last blog post, we explored the effects of rising wholesale costs on hedging strategies. This time, we’re taking a look at how these rising …read the full article

Winter is coming.

  With autumn in full swing, and with longer nights and colder weather ahead, this week we’re taking a closer look at the challenges and opportunities faced by energy suppliers during Winter, and what steps suppliers can take to ensure they’re ‘winter ready’.   The last few years have seen some interesting development in the …read the full article

Big Data in Energy

Big data as a concept has existed since the early 1940s, but the potential applications and benefits have only been unlocked in the past decade as computing power has increased. This week we take a look at how big data is starting to change the energy landscape. In the 40s, big data was estimating the …read the full article

How to act SMART

  With smart metering and the DCC getting ever closer on the horizon, this week we take a look at the challenges and opportunities presented by SMART, and why getting your house in order is critical to the successful adoption of the scheme.   For the uninitiated, the smart rollout aims to have around 53 …read the full article

Don’t quote me on that…

We are all used to the concept of quotes in modern life, be it a tradesperson for jobs round the house, a mobile phone contract, or the dreaded “teeth sucking” of a mechanic with your car bonnet open. Energy is no different when it comes to successfully navigation the quotation process, so this week, we take …read the full article

Going for Gold Part 2: Marginal Gains

  Following the success of Team GB at the Rio Olympic Games, resulting in the best performance in over 100 years, we take a closer look at what was behind their astounding achievement, and what lessons energy suppliers could learn.   Last week, we analysed Team GB’s use of target setting, the impact it had …read the full article

Going for Gold Part 1: Target Setting

  Following the success of Team GB at the Rio Olympic Games, resulting in the best performance in over 100 years, we take a closer look at what was behind their astounding achievement, and what lessons energy suppliers could learn.   The best ever performance at an away games The greatest number of medals won …read the full article

Handcrafted beer, not handcrafted bills.

In the age of “Artisan Bread” and “Hand Crafted” beers, there are some things in life that it’s a little more reassuring to leave in the hands of a system. Energy bills fall firmly into the latter category. But, it’s not always the reality. Without a proper handle on industry data, it’s not unusual for …read the full article

When the going gets tough..

Independent suppliers have been making waves in recent years, with over 2.2m customers switching from the big 6 in the past 12 months and over 40 suppliers in the market overall. But with prices on the rise, some commentators are arguing that it’s going to get harder for smaller suppliers to compete. This week we take …read the full article

The Rise of Operational Efficiency

  Energy prices have finally made a u-turn after 3 years of steady decline, climbing to nine month highs and putting financial pressure back onto suppliers. In an increasingly competitive market, this means operational efficiency is more vital than ever – with prices on the rise, there’s no margin for error when it comes to winning …read the full article