Business Process Outsourcing

The energy market is facing a period of unprecedented change.
Perhaps foremost is the rate at which smaller suppliers are growing.
Customers are switching more than ever before and the number and scale of suppliers is expanding rapidly.

Many of our clients are some of the fastest growing suppliers operating in the energy industry. With growth comes an increased need for expertise and resource capacity to manage back-office activities. That’s where ENSEK is helping.

Our business process outsourcing operation provides the most extensive breadth of industry exception management and cost recovery services in the sector. This is delivered through an outcome based model across all industry processes with our data management platform at the heart of the services, we have consistently delivered significant increases in productivity through deployment of our tools and people.

Our scalable BPO services include the delivery of critical functions such as back-office exception management, industry cost recovery, financial performance reporting, 3rd party agents management, billing validation and assurance and interactions with all relevant industry bodies.

Our suite of back-office operational functions include the following:




Agent Appointment


Opening Read


Read Management





Through our partners we provide DC/ DA and MOP/ MAM metering, payment processing, print fulfilment and debt collection and recoveries and we’re able to leverage scale in a collective capacity to generate optimum commercials and contract management.

Why ENSEK’s BPO services?

  • Full back office process management – negating the need for our clients to hire people into their own operations by providing comprehensive outsourced services across all lifecycle and exception stages in a highly prioritised and material way.
  • Holistic analysis & root cause identification – problems get fixed at source and quicker. Automating the identification of common root-causes and presenting more complex exceptions with advanced visualisation and hints for rapid resolution.
  • End-to-end problem resolution & industry interfaces – full ownership and pro-active industry participant engagement to drive efficient resolution, issues with meters/ accounts fixed once by multi-skilled analysts rather than passed between teams working in silos.
  • Industry leading tools – our business process outsourcing teams utilise the technology and tools we have developed in-house. We developed them as we recognised that the right tools to do the job did not exist in the market and we firmly believe in practising what we preach.