ENSEK is a leading energy solutions company in the UK, providing technology, outsourcing and advisory services through our data, technology and operational capabilities.

We help organisations in the energy supply market improve their business performance and competitiveness. ENSEK’s solutions are underpinned by its market leading technology platform that addresses the complexity of the industry and provides an unprecedented level of transparency and assurance controls that enables suppliers to manage balance sheet risk and analyse customer level gross margin.

We develop and implement data and technology solutions to improve our clients’ productivity and efficiency – and may run parts of their operations on their behalf. We also enable our clients to become high performance energy market participants and push the boundaries in UK energy.

We work with...


New entrants looking to join the supply market


Established independent suppliers


The ‘BIG 6’ energy suppliers


Large energy consumers


Partners extending their footprint in UK energy

The energy sector is unique and provides a distinctive set of challenges for any organisation wanting to become a participant. Data is at the heart of these challenges and ENSEK’s unique combination of platform solutions, outsourced services and innovative industry consultants addresses them in a way that no other organisation can.

ENSEK has the most comprehensive solutions that address some of the biggest challenges an established or new entrant supplier will face when entering the UK energy market.

Our businesses include...


Market leading platform and tools; intelligent flow management, billing and CRM, exception management, settlements, energy accounting and revenue & margin assurance capabilities.

Business Process Outsourcing

Provides business process outsourcing across all energy supplier functions, particularly back office functions and exception management (registration, settlement & billing), finance and revenue assurance.


Industry experts, with insights and capabilities to embed best practice within energy suppliers, process and data expertise, responsible for developing and sustaining long term client relationships.